Ultimate Communications ERPTM

1SPOC is your all-in-one partner for connecting with your customers on their preferred channels. Our CXaaS platform is here to help your enterprise not just stay in the loop but make every interaction, on any platform, feel like a friendly chat with a neighbor.

Whether it’s a WhatsApp message, a voice call, an email, or talking to a real person on the line, your customers will get the same warmth and clarity from your brand, no matter how they reach out.

1SPOC is a complete communications suite which has been refined to replicate any communications use case.

WhatsApp Business API

As a global Business Solution Provider for WhatsApp, we’re here to help you tap into the app that everyone’s eyes are glued to. With 1SPOC, sending order updates, support messages, or just a friendly hello becomes as easy as messaging a friend.

SMS Messages

Our innovative SS7-based platform for the SMS Centre (SMSC) gives us the same messaging capabilities as leading mobile network operators. We bring you speed, reliability, and the kind of delivery rates that get your messages across – every single time.

Voice Calls

Whether it’s making sure your customers can reach out toll-free or dialing outbound calls, our voice services cover it all. Plus, with IVRS, your routing systems will be smoother and more helpful than ever.

Email Communications

Emails are still one of the best ways to reach your audience – especially when the messages hit the mark. Our services make sure your emails land where they should, avoiding the dreaded spam folder and bringing your offers, updates, and insights straight to your customers.

Incorporating Live Agents

When your customers need that human touch, our live agent service makes sure they get it. Integrating with our digital tools, this guarantees that when a conversation needs to escalate from bot to person, the transition is seamless.

Why All This Matters?

Being able to reach out simply and effectively is what sets you apart. It makes every interaction with your brand an easy, pleasant experience. With 1SPOC, we help you create genuine connections, one response at a time.