Unlocking Dynamic Conversations

WhatsApp Flows and Pinnacle 1SPOC

Customers want conversations, not just notifications. They’re looking for interactions that feel personal and immediate, especially on platforms they use daily like WhatsApp.

This is where our WhatsApp Flows and Pinnacle Teleservices’ 1SPOC platform shine, offering a way to craft conversations that are anything but ordinary. Businesses can now weave together dynamic chats that pull in data from various APIs, all within the familiar interface of a WhatsApp chat.

Introducing Dynamic Flows

Take WhatsApp Flows a step further with Dynamic Flows. These aren’t your average chats. They’re powered by live data and integrated with your systems to serve up personalized experiences on the fly. Imagine the following:

Pinnacle 1SPOC: Your Dynamic Flow Enabler

Visual Flow Design

Drag, drop, and design your WhatsApp journey with an easy-to-use interface. No coding required.

One-Click Integrations

Connect your existing systems – inventory, booking, support, you name it – directly into your WhatsApp chats for real-time responsiveness.

Pinnacle 1SPOC opens up a world of possibilities and makes communicating with your customers easier than ever before.